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LeeSun Writes at Kirkstall AbbeyHi,

I’m a song writer, and a mum to 2 gorgeous boys.

I live in Leeds, which is a city in England. For all those from outside the UK, Leeds is about 2 hours by train north of London. That probably won’t mean much to you, but everyone asks, so there you go.

You can hear my songs by clicking here.

Or even better, please add my songs to your playlists on Spotify.

My artist name is simply “LeeSun” which is my first name. The capital ‘S’ is intentional, and there is no space between “Lee” and “Sun”. Please try not to call me “Lee”, or “Sunlee”, or LeeSung”, or “Lee Sun”. Though if you must use one of those, the last one is preferable.

I have a lot of songs on Spotify. Maybe “Dry Your Tears” is a good song to listen to first. That one seems pretty popular.

If you want to receive free stuff from me and an update when I become famous, you can type in your very best email address at leesunmusic.com

I also have quite a few Instagram accounts (with very few followers). I use Instagram as my own personal scrapbooks where I can post stuff that I like and create nice collages and track progress of things.

You can view some of the clothes I have for sale @littlemusictree or alternatively, if by some miracle you trade forex and are interested in journeying with me as I trade forex, you can do so via @leesunfx. Or if you want my general day-to-day life and music instagram, that’s @leesunmusic

Or if you’re into Twitter, you can find me there also!


I was inordinately pleased to get that Twitter handle. And I will keep it till I die.

Thanks! Keep in touch! xxxxxxx

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