Protecting The Sparkle In My Child’s Eyes

Protecting The Sparkle In My Child’s Eyes

My younger son, Blaise, loves transformers, lego, construction sets, superheroes, vehicles of all kinds, climbing, running, singing, princesses, floral dresses and sparkly pink things.  He’s 4. Countless other things bring him joy, but the things in this list really enthuse him these days.  Early this year, he asked me if he could please have pink…

Outsmarting KO

This morning KO wailed, “I don’t WANNA go to school!” He’s done this at the beginning of every school day since he started nursery at the age of 3. Well, almost every school day. There have been a few exceptions. These rare exceptions have cruelly dangled before me the promise of an end to the…

What do you like best about me?

  Bedtime tonight. KO: Mummy, what do you like best about me? Me (slowly): What do I like best about you … ? KO (laughs): It’s really hard to choose, isn’t it? Me: It is! [pause] KO (with a “eureka!” expression): I know! Me: What? KO: The thing you like best is that I am…


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