The priceless moments continue …

While walking home today, KO picked up a big brown crinkly fallen leaf and held it up to his ear saying, “I can hear it making a NOISE!!!! I hear the WIND in it!” I asked, “What’s it saying?” Without skipping a beat: “It’s saying to me, KO, I love you!!!”

2009 : A Couple of Milestones

KO asked to be carried everywhere until well past his third birthday. He hated walking anywhere, though he’d happily run around a playground for hours. I think it was mainly the comfort he craved. I used to carry him in a sling, and anytime he went in it, he nestled up against me with a…

18th July 2007 [LONDON]

When this photo was taken, I didn’t know that I was pregnant. The clues were all there; I was just too inexperienced and ignorant to put two and two together. But these things are always so easy to see with hindsight. A few days before this photo was taken, I had pulled on a pair of jeans…


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