I love you more …

LeeSun and KOToday, KO told me (as he often does), “I love you SO MUCH.”

I replied, “I love YOU so much.”

And he said, “I love you MORE.” He pulled himself up to his full metre-and-a-bit height and said fervently,

I love you even more than I CAN SAY
Even more than ONE MILLION
Even more than the ENTIRE outer space
Even if the planets were CAMOUFLAGED
More than the ENTIRE SUN … which is a BIG BALL OF FIRE
More than the ENTIRE WORLD

I love you MORE
Even more than YOURSELF
Even more than ANYTHING!

And then he paused, evidently thinking hard for some way to express how very much he loved me. And then he hit upon it. He said with conviction,

I love you EVEN MORE than YOU love HOT SAUCE Mama!

Well, I think that about sums it up. My boy 🙂



What We Did Last Weekend

KO assembling stool

KO: I’m recording a video Mama.
Me: Really?
KO: Really.
Me: Great.
KO: So …
Me: So you want to finish the last one then? The one you were doing before? I think this is just about finished. … Just tightening these last few screws …
KO: You can move if you want.
Me: I can move if I want?
KO: Yeah.
Me: What do you mean?

Me: Great, honey. There. Now you can go on it.
KO: I’m gonna take a picture of it.

KO's picture of the stool

KO's trial climb

KO (humming to himself): Hmm, hmmm, hmm …
Me: Good job KweeOwen. Make sure you get the insides too.
KO: What insides?
Me: The inside bits of all the … all the wood.
KO: The insides??
Me: Like, look in there. Do you see? In there? Like that bit?
KO: Oh yeah. Okay Mama. Yeah … let me try and get that … Let me try and get the bottom of that one …
Me: Sure. Well you can do the bottom very last. Because you don’t really need to do the bottom so much.
KO: No, we don’t. That’s true.

The finished product

24 hours and 2 coats of oil later. The end result!

Don’t go out …

KO on the way to the School Christmas Fair November 2012
KO on the way to the School Christmas Fair last weekend

KO: Don’t go out at night time okay, Mummy?

Me: Don’t go out at night time??

KO: No. Because I miss Daddy too much.

Me: You miss Daddy too much?

KO: Yeah! When Daddy goes out at night time, I just miss him too much.

Me (as I realise what KO is talking about): Oh! … But I don’t go out at night time when you’re with me, do I?

KO (grins widely): No … Because you’re too tired!

Well observed, son.

Tonight’s Bedtime Story Collaboration

KO and LeeSun[8pm tonight]

Me: Bedtime NOW. No more stories. No more time for anything else.

KO: Oh please can we just have one short story? You can make it up.

Me: Fine. Once upon a time there was a magic book.

KO: Can we have a TERRIFYING story?

Me: Sure. The magical thing was, whenever you opened it up, a story came to life and came out of the book. So the terrifying thing was, if the story was about monsters, then you’d open the book, and the monsters would come out and be all around you. Or fire-breathing dragons. Or deep dark woods. Well, one day, a child found the book.

KO: It was a little baby girl. She was crawling, and she found the book.

Me: Right. A little baby girl crawled into a room one day and found the book. So when she opened it, suddenly there were … ummm… loads of bunny rabbits all around her. Because the story was full of bunnies.

KO: Then she fell down a hole.

Me (thinking “Alice in Wonderland??”): Sure, she fell down a hole …

KO (placidly): And she bumped her head. And then she was dead. And then monsters came and ate her skeleton.

Me: Oh. Okay.

End of story. I wonder if I should be concerned?


Baby KO - Close UpKO was born on 1st April 2008.  I was smitten. And that has often spilled over into my Facebook, in the form of photos and anecdotes.

People often tell me that I should compile these anecdotes in a book for KO to have when he’s grown. These people (well okay, they’re my friends) clearly have no idea how mammoth (read “impossible”) such a task would be for me.  I write 3-and-a-half minute songs, not life-long log books.

But somehow I think I’ll be able to do it here, on NakedFace where I’m choosing to record certain aspects of this crazy journey that I’m on, a place where I can talk about all the things that I feel passionately about … like truth, style, creativity, power, love, understanding … my boy … my desire to be the most loving parent I can possibly be to him. And the fear that so often shadows desire.

I hope these stories of my boy will bring you as much joy, laughter, and sometimes even pangs of poignancy as they’ve brought me.

For your enjoyment, all of my Facebook posts about KO have been archived here, backdated to when they were originally posted on my Facebook. When a photo has been included, it’s been taken from the around the same time as the post … with the exception of the photo on the left, of course. This is quite an old photo of KO. He was just a few months old when it was taken.