Protecting The Sparkle In My Child’s Eyes

Protecting The Sparkle In My Child’s Eyes

My younger son, Blaise, loves transformers, lego, construction sets, superheroes, vehicles of all kinds, climbing, running, singing, princesses, floral dresses and sparkly pink things.  Heā€™s 4. Countless other things bring him joy, but the things in this list really enthuse him these days.  Early this year, he asked me if he could please have pink…

Fashion Friday: Suzuki Takayuki

The first “style” post! If you’ve perused the site, you’ve probably seen other photos of this outfit already. But here it is again, officially. Reader meet Suzuki Takayuki šŸ™‚Ā I love this Suzuki Takayuki dress (07-08 AW Collection). The dress has two parts to it: 1) The underlayer, in fine creamy cotton cambric, lace detailing on…


I get such pleasure from what I wear. What I wear can makeĀ me feel strong, or free, or cheerful. Beautiful, whimsical, or very responsible. Some colours make me feel happier, and others make me feelĀ somber orĀ serious. Let’s not forget sexy and sensual. The style choices I make as I decide what to wear each day…


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