A Prize For Mummy

Event from last week that still makes me chuckle:

As I walked out of the bathroom in the morning, KO greeted me with a big smile and planted a sticker on me.

He said, “Mummy, you are a VERY.GOOD.LADY. You did wee ON. THE. TOILET! Here is a sticker for you!”

I felt very proud of myself.


1 … 2 … 3 …

Me: KO, can you please tidy up the mess you made?

KO: No.

Me: I’m going to count to three … [pause] … ONE … ? TWO … ? …

KO [watches me questioningly, wide-eyed]

Me: THREE ……?! …

[I pause.]

KO [helpfully]: FOUR?

Me: No KO, when I get to three, you know what happens …?

KO [gives me a blank stare]

Me: You … [pause] … go … [pause] … on … [very long pause while KO looks as me as though I’m insane] …

KO proffers: … the potty …??

(At this point I give up and tidy up the mess myself.)

Sadness Explained

This morning KO chucked his swimming goggles across the room, then started crying and came over to me for a cuddle.

Me: Why are you crying?

KO (crying): Because I was holding my swimming goggles and I THREW them.

Me: Why did you throw them?

KO (with sad sniffles): Because I was feeling naughty …