How To Be A Better Parent

So I have a brand new vlog! My first vlog ever. It is called LeeSun, Truth Teller.

I began last Thursday, and so far have posted

1 How To Tell If Art Is Good
2 The Truth About Being Good Looking
3 How To Be A Better Parent

This vlogging business is a steep learning curve. At first I was horrified to see myself on video. But here I am, 3 days in, and I am actually starting to get used to it! Anyway, here is my post from today. And here is to exploring truth in this lovely way, and seeing what there is to discover!


Your in England

KO RGB cropBedtime with KO last night.

KO: Mum, you forgot to put the lid back on the cream.
Me: Oh sorry about that. I forgot.
KO [putting the lid on]: You’re bad.
Me: I’m bad??? Honey, that doesn’t mean I’m bad. I just made a mistake.
Me: No, I’m NOT. I made a mistake. It’s okay to make mistakes. It doesn’t mean I’m bad.
KO: Nooooo Mum!!! I’m not saying that!! I’m saying YOUR BAD. It’s just a thing. You know, when someone makes a mistake!!
Me: Oh!!!!!! You mean, that’s MY BAD??
KO: YES!!!!

And THAT my son, is why good grammar is important.

Language, my dear!

I feel torn. Like Natalie Imbruglia.

To swear or not to swear? Do I need to clean up my language? Which is more important to me: self expression and effective communication? Or not potentially alienating others?

What purpose does it serve, to indulge in swearing publicly?

I don’t want to assault unsuspecting people with profane language. Fair enough if you visit NakedFace, knowing you might find curse words scattered about. But can I conscionably do that to those who come here expecting an F word free zone?

So why do I swear?

Sometimes, a well placed f*ck is useful (and enjoyable). Sometimes, no other word has quite the same effect.

I haven’t always been a potty mouth. I used to think swear words served no real purpose. I used to sit on my high horse and judge people who couldn’t put together a sentence without effing and blinding. I probably thought I was adhering to a higher moral code. Or that my clean language demonstrated refinement and intelligence or some other such bullsh*t.

I don’t know. That was quite awhile ago.

But one day I started chafing at all the (perceived) restrictions in my life. I got tired of judging and being judged. I got tired of being told how to look, be, act, and live. And I started swearing. Not all the time. I won’t swear around you if it will cause you distress. And if I don’t know you well enough to know if that’s the case or not, I’ll refrain from swearing until you confirm that you’re okay with it.

So it’s rather inconsistent that I swear on this blog.

Perhaps I’ll have to change that. In the meantime, I’ll turn down the swearing … you can relax … for now …

Lots of love,