Night Time Questions


[Bedtime with KO tonight.]

KO muses aloud, “What if God is a villain?”

And a little while later …

“What if there’s more evil than good in the world?”

And then awhile later …

“Are there more boys than ladies in the world? Or more ladies than men? Or more boys than girls? Or more ladies than girls?”

Finally, he stops voicing random questions, and just lies quietly, eyes fixed open. I ask him, “What are you thinking of?”

He replies, “I’m thinking of a sausage wearing a hat, lying down on a chair that is on a diagonal. I think he’s wearing a cowboy hat.”

KO often asks me why I’m laughing.


I love you more …

LeeSun and KOToday, KO told me (as he often does), “I love you SO MUCH.”

I replied, “I love YOU so much.”

And he said, “I love you MORE.” He pulled himself up to his full metre-and-a-bit height and said fervently,

I love you even more than I CAN SAY
Even more than ONE MILLION
Even more than the ENTIRE outer space
Even if the planets were CAMOUFLAGED
More than the ENTIRE SUN … which is a BIG BALL OF FIRE
More than the ENTIRE WORLD

I love you MORE
Even more than YOURSELF
Even more than ANYTHING!

And then he paused, evidently thinking hard for some way to express how very much he loved me. And then he hit upon it. He said with conviction,

I love you EVEN MORE than YOU love HOT SAUCE Mama!

Well, I think that about sums it up. My boy 🙂